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Know Your Home Security Needs







Using home automation as a security tool is easy,. Here are four specific home automation technologies that can really enhanced the safety of your home:

  1. Door locks—Automatic door locks are good for much more than locking your doors from anywhere. It’s great to glance at my phone and know for sure that my house is locked up when I’m at the gym or at work. I also like that my door locks send me notifications if anything changes.If one of my kids unlocks a door, I get a text message telling me exactly who is home and which door they used. That’s the beauty of personalcodes for your locks: each family member or friend has their own number to get in, so you know exactly who’s in your house and when.
  2. Lights—Can your lights be a tool to prevent break-ins? Absolutely. The biggest deterrent for intruders is someone being home, so I’ve programmed my lighting/small appliance controls to turn my lights on and off automatically. Whether my family is on vacation or just out for the night, arming my system after dark triggers lights to turn on in different parts of the house at different times so it looks like someone is actually walking through the house.
  3. Sensors & Detectors—Wireless home security and interactive management systems can be designed by you, the user. No complicated programming or new cables to run. Once connected the network allows your home's security sensors including motion detectors, window & door sensors, IR detectors, smoke & gas detectors and more and any wireless security system to talk to each other, and to you .
  4. Cameras—Cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home and always know what’s going on. You can check in on your kids or pets, take a look at the house while you’re on vacation, and much more. Your security system will most likely scare off an intruder, but having security camera footage increases your chances of knowing who broke into your house. That means you’ll be able to take appropriate action against home intruders and prevent them from breaking into other houses.

All of these tools give families and parents a valuable chance to stay connected with their homes. Home automation can help you experience the emotional safety of knowing what your kids are doing and when they’re coming and going. As a parent of teenagers, I especially enjoy knowing that my system is keeping my house secure. Yes, home automation is about connecting technology and making your life more convenient and simple, but we want people to realize how versatile home automation can be. You can use your system in many different ways, so get creative and explore the possibilities.



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1. Automated & Automatic Door Locks - Unlock the Possibilities

Homes of Tomorrow offers several automated door lock solutions which allows you to remotely lock/unlock the door without manual assistance: 1) the Z-Wave-enabled Schlage Link from Schlage, 2) the ZigBee-enabled Kwikset SmartCode from Black & Decker and 3) the Yale "Real Living™ auomatic locks.

1. Schlage Link 

Schlage LiNK™…Wireless Home Monitoring & Control from Anywhere…

The Schlage LiNK Home Automation System is powered by Z-Wave® technology; a wireless RF-based communications technology that transforms a device into an intelligent networked device. It lets you:

  • Lock and unlock doors

  • Turn on and off Z-Wave-enabled lights

  • See who's accessed the lock

  • Control your thermostat remotely from anywhere

  • View video of your home via home monitoring cameras

Wireless Home Control via Computer or Phone

To remotely control a device on your Schlage LiNK System: Simply log onto the user-friendly interface on your computer or web-enabled phone 

Send a command to your home via the Internet 

The Schlage Bridge receives the command and relays it to your Z-Wave-enabled wireless locks, lights, thermostat or other components

And it all happens in just seconds!

Schlage LiNK™…Home Control and Access from Anywhere…

With a Schlage LiNK account, you enjoy the convenience of:

Unlimited remote access to your Schlage LiNK Home Automation System Remote management tools Email updates and text messages

Ability to add over 200 components through one interface

And all this for less than fifty cents a day and no long-term contract!


2. Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode

Introducing the new Residential Access Control Products from Black & Decker marketed under it industry leading door hardware brands

Seamlessly integrates into your Whole House Automation System via Zigbee

Product Features

  • Motor driven bolt allows you to remotely lock/unlock the door without manual assistance

  • Operates off of 4 AA batteries

  • Battery life is one year based on 15 uses per day

  • Holds up to 30 users

  • Easy installation

  • Fits all standard doors and replaces all standard deadbolts

  • Back-light integrated in keypad

  • Compliments any existing door hardware

  • Available in 3 finishes: Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel and Polished Brass

  • Time fence capabilities — grant individual user access by time of day or day of week

  • Time stamping and audit trails

Find more information on the latest Black and Decker Access Control solutions and related information below:



3. Yale "Real Living Locks

These new deadbolt locks are the first products in the Yale "Real Living™ portfolio of home control and home security solutions. Available with either a sleek touchscreen or pushbutton keypad, Yale's new platform of intelligent locks are designed to operate with a Control4® system, the premier integration platform for today’s digital home. Through the Control4 system, the homeowner can directly access and control all of the lock’s unique features, including activating personalized events or scenes with the push of a button from anywhere in the home or even remotely via the Internet.

Aautomatic Door Locks

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a remote button. Homes of Tomorrow can install a magnetic swing door opening system that turns any inward- or outward-swinging left- or right-hand door into an automated door, and it can even come with an electromagnetic lock that can be installed for security or privacy.

Homes of Tomorrow
is now offering automatic door locks. These motorized locks feature two-way functionality as well as a variety of access control options.


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2. Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting from Homes of Tomorrow creates a safer environment for your home or business. Sleep easier with the help of this full-service, turnkey program that provides complete outdoor lighting systems for commercial, residential homeowners.

Better Security by Design

Let Homes of Tomorrow help you create a lighting system that meets all your needs. One of our service technicians will visit your property to design a lighting plan tailored to your requests. Lights can be installed on existing utility poles or on specially placed poles based on the necessary level of lighting.


Whether we are installing security, mood, lighting controls or landscape lighting we usually turn to Lutron the gold standard in lighting.


Homeworks Lighting from Lutron

HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade. A HomeWorks system provides convenient, intelligent and sophisticated control of your home's lighting and shades, and can be integrated with security and audiovisual systems. In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, HomeWorks' Architectural and Designer style controls can also enhance your décor and complement your home. Centralized dimming panels can be used to provide control of multiple zones of light in a room or throughout your home from a single keypad.

Lutron Sivoia Automated Shading System

Lutron Electronics has announced that its original Sivoia automated shading system was one of five products inducted into the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Product Hall of Fame, as announced in September in Indianapolis. Automated shading systems offer the convenience of one-button control (including open, closed and preset levels) of every window treatment in a room or entire home. Since its initial introduction, the original Sivoia product line has been expanded to include both wired and wireless versions of automated roller shades, Roman shades, vertical and horizontal draperies and Venetian blinds, all which can be easily installed in any new or existing home.

What's New from Lutron

Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™

Sivoia QS Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment™ maintain uniform positioning across adjacent blinds, provide independent control of lift and tilt, and feature presets to recall favorite height and tilt positions

Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS 

For an easy and efficient way to control both electric light and daylight, look to GRAFIK Eye QS. Fully customizable, GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts lights and shades for any task or activity at the touch of a button. You’ll save energy while meeting the aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs of any project or space.


Effective Outdoor Lighting

The guidelines listed below will help you ensure that your outdoor lighting does the job it is intended to do withoutausing reduced visibility for passing motorists, light trespass (spilling of light into areas where it is not wanted or intended) and energy waste. You’ll also help preserve the stunning view of the night sky. Lighting installed for walkways and driveways should be directed downward.

Accent lighting should illuminate only the intended objects.

Use timers, photo cells and motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off.

Use energy efficient bulbs.

Learn more about Homes of Tomorrow Mood Lighting and Landscaper Lighting systems


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3. Home Alarm Sensor Systems Scare Off Burglars.

A home alarm system is usually composed of a network of several different sensors and detectors. How complex a network you need depends on your home size and the level of protection you are looking for to keep you and your family safe. Below are common components of a good alarm system.

Your home security systems can now include solar yard signs to warn burglars of the alarm system present in a business, building, or house. A bachelor witnessed his neighbor being saved from burglars with the help of the yard sign. The intruders decided to choose another victim, but fortunately, they were caught due to the alarm system they triggered.

Homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Even similar floor plans may have a different number of windows, doors, and access points. Because every home is unique, that means it will have its own special list of security equipment needs. To make it easier, we've compiled a list and equipment details below so you can familiarize yourself with the equipment and make an informed decision when it comes to your home security needs.

Control Panel

The brain of your security system, the control panel monitors your system, keeps everything running and communicates with the security monitoring center.

  • Constant digital cellular link communicates with monitoring center
  • Wall mount or table-stand kit included for easy set up
  • User-friendly design with simple controls
  • 24-hour backup battery

Door and Window Sensors

Detects activity around doors and windows and will alert you and the monitoring center when there is a problem.

  • Wireless sensors do not rely on traditional power sources
  • Attach to doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, or closets
  • Compact, portable, moveable
  • Adjustable security settings
  • Long-life lithium battery

Motion Sensors

There are both indoor and outdoor motion sensors. They let you know when there is movement in or outside the home.

  • nteractive cellular connection with control panel and monitoring service
  • Large detection field / 35 x 40' view
  • Pet friendly for animals up to 40lbs
  • Wireless, portable, easy to install

Glass Break Sensors

Detect when any large window or sliding door is being tampered with or broken.

  • Can be used independently, or with door/window sensors
  • Activated by breaking or tampered glass
  • 20 ft/ 360 degree detection range
  • Portable, compact and wireless

Keychain Remotes

Allows you to turn your alarm system on and off without having to check in and out at the control panel every time

  • Enables simple remote arming/disarming of home security system
  • Interactive monitoring and control panel access
  • Integrated panic alarm option
  • Compact, portable design

Panic Pendants

Push the button and the pendant will alert the monitoring center that you are in personal danger, even when you can't make it to the phone

  • Pre-programmed for immediate use/ customized programming options
  • Utilize as medical panic signal, police alert or silent alarm
  • Wireless cellular connection with 24/7 monitoring center
  • Easy push-button design with neck cord and belt clip
  • Shock and water resistant

Garage Door Sensor

Lets you know when the pitch of your door passes 45 degrees, alerting you of possible intruders or a garage door left open accidentally

  • Constant cellular communication with control panel and monitoring center

  • Mounts easily on inside/ top panel of garage door

  • Wireless peel and stick design

  • Long-life battery

Outdoor Motion Sensors

Outdoor motion sensors are the perfect way to always be notified when you have someone outside of your home. This sensor also detects people in motion with the use of infrared energy. In spite of its excellent quality, it's designed to be used as a motion sensor and not an intrusion sensor, except in extreme emergency times.  The Outdoor motion sensors will let you know of any activity that goes on outside your home, whether in the driveway, backyard or on your deck

  • Heat sensor boasts a fixed alarm at 135°

  • Heat sensor offers a rate-of-rise function

  • Automatically detects low battery of sensor

  • Protect Your Home From Other Threats

    Smoke and Heat Detectors

    Detect smoke and rapid temperature changes in the home to alert you and your monitoring service of fire danger

    Wireless design features integrated photoelectric smoke/heat sensors

    Constant cellular connection with 24/7 monitoring centers

    Direct alert to emergency authorities in case of fire

    Easy access test and silence button

    Long-life battery

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    To assure you are safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide, there is a sensor that detects harmful amounts of this odorless and colorless gas. The sensor sets off an alarm and alerts the monitoring station before any serious damage takes place. People are becoming more aware of carbon monoxide as it is impossible for an individual to detect. Having a sensor that can detect it for you will give you a sense of comfort and keep you safe from this deadly gas.

    • Integrated sensors activate alarm at first detection of carbon monoxide

    • Cellular wireless connection with 24/7 monitoring station

    • Equipped with test and reset button

    • Simple to set up, easy to use

    • Compact wireless design

    Flood Sensors

    This sensor alerts you when water seeps in. Great for basements or other areas prone to flooding

    • Designed to detect and alert you to rising water in at-risk areas

    • Alarm, text message or email alert options

    • Interactive cellular monitoring

    • Simple, wireless design

    • Long-life battery

Heat Sensor

Most fires in homes or buildings can be detected early by a rapid rise in temperature. Fire and smoke detectors are a very important part of preventing extensive damage from fire. As important as these detectors may be, many people still choose to use a heat sensor as well. One reason for this preference is that smoke and heat detectors may not work well in areas such as basements that are dry and dusty. Homes of Tomorrow offers heat sensors that will detect two problems that may indicate a fire in the home: a rapid rise in temperature or when the temperature increases to 135°Fahrenheit.

  • Heat sensor boasts a fixed alarm at 135°

  • Heat sensor offers a rate-of-rise function

  • Automatically detects low battery of sensor

Freeze Sensor

We live in an area that commonly sees very cold temperatures, so you will definitely want a Homes of Tomorrow freeze sensor. You'll never again have to worry about a furnace malfunction causing your pipes to freeze, burst and cause extensive water damage. In fact, any room that has pipes that are exposed will reap the benefits of a freeze sensor. A Homes of Tomorrow freeze sensor will detect low temperatures before they get the chance to do real damage. Freeze sensor signals alarm at 41ËšF to prevent pipe bursts and problems Use freeze sensor in climates where temperature can drop below 32° When temperature returns to 50°, sensor has an all clear signal.

Call us at 917-691-4719 to discuss your alarm sensors and detectors needs.


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4. Security Cameras Give You  Peace of Mind.


What do you want to see?

  • Camera Security for the front door - who's knocking?

  • Camera Security for baby's nursery - is she still asleep?

  • Camera Security for the backyard - is someone prowling around?

  • Camera Security for the driveway - who's checking out your car?

You can add more security cameras for expanded surveillance and scan between them like changing channels on your TV!

  • Camera security lets you view the children playing (from work!)

  • Camera security lets you view the store or office (from home!)

  • Camera security lets you view the kid's playroom (from work!)

  • Camera security lets you view the dogs in the backyard (from work!)

Protect your family and home using video surveillance. Peace of mind comes from knowing there are cameras strategically placed inside and outside your home. Best of all, with Homes of Tomorrow home security camera systems, you can watch video from any room in the house on any connected TV** or dedicated monitor. And when you're on-the-go, keep an eye on your home using any web-enabled computer, smart phone, or iPad.

More information on our Security Cameras solutions, click here.


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5. Access and Gate Systems. 

Access Control Systems and Intercoms


There are a huge range of access control and intercom systems available on the market. Our experience ensures that we can provide you with a reliable system perfectly tailored to suit your access control requirements.


Single and multi user intercoms can be combined with access control such as timed trades buttons or keypad entry domestic premises and apartment blocks. 


We also have the experience to accommodate more complex access control solutions, such as individual door control for an entire premises using  swipe card or proximity reader systems. Such systems allow personal access levels to be allocated to individual users, ensuring complete control over who has access to every part of a premise at any specific time.


Homes of Tomorrow carefully selects  only the most reliable components that will  produce a custom, state-of-the-art system  for your home that will continue to operate trouble-free for years to come.

More information on our intercoms and access control systems can be found here.


Gate Systems

The latest telephone intercom systems use the home's existing telephone line for communication between the gate and the home. A photoelectric controls uses a photo-beam to detect the presence of someone standing near the gate that could be injured if the gate closed. The gate will not close unless the photo-beam is satisfied.

Other components we offer for gate control include wire loops that sense the presence of a vehicle, surge suppressors for low voltage power and telephone lines, and a total automated system that manages all gate functions.

Also wireless  transmitters and receivers can be supplied to open and close the gate by remote control, similar to the way a garage door opener operates.



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Homes of Tomorrow Security Camera services

Watrch, Control and Secure Your Home from Anywhere



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